World Economic Forum

Event Visual Communications Design

Driving the agenda at Davos 2019 with a new visual language of globalisation.

A new approach required a new language.

The World Economic Forum is world leader in shaping the ideas which define global, regional and industry agendas. 
Transformational agendas & ideas
Its’ transformational agenda furthers our knowledge and understanding in areas which address important human issues such as globalisation, human trafficking and sustainability.
Over several topics, there was a lack of a visual language which adequately supported communication or awareness of these far reaching ideas and agendas.
A new visual language system
A future facing visual language was developed and designed to not only form a textured pattern that visually related to the World Economic Forum's identity, but it also acted as a secondary advanced form of visual communications, as familiar characters where mapped to individual symbols in a new visual communications system.
WEF_VL_v copy.jpg
Brochure 2 mockup.jpg
WEF Session Room 1.jpg
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