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Giving Afro Caribbean food a contemporary and relatable identity.

Wakiki is an online Afro Caribbean food hub and food delivery service based in London. Wakiki curates expertly prepared Afro Caribbean food and promises its customers a sophisticated food delivery service. The start-up already had a brand-mark created (below) but were dissatisfied. The Lettuce Lab were brought in to re-design the brand-mark and map out Wakiki's strategic positioning.
Old Brandmark



The Letter 'W'

The first letter of the brand name 'Wakiki'.

Original symbol

The multitude of Afro Caribbean countries.

A circle

A unifying shape: inclusion and unity.
A new symbol that represents Afro Caribbean culinary competence.

Elevating the brand on multiple fronts, from communications to design.

After completing the brand-mark and identity development, the Wakiki team contracted Lettuce to develop the brand further. We designed a re-skinned user interface for their website, refined their package design, developed their launch and general communications, and so much more. 
In an effort to elevate the brand as a whole, we where also contracted to develop the identities for some of the Wakiki Vendors.
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