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Saudi Green Initiative (SGI)

Brand Development. User Interface Design. Visual Communications Design.

The Middle East together towards a sustainable future, with ambition, expertise, and innovation leveraged to protect flora, fauna, and the environment.

Support Credits

Art Director. Angie Mohammed

Multimedia Designer. Fatima Rahman

Working directly with the KSA government, the project showcased was part of a broader mandate as the lead media partner that involved managing brand development and all communication activities for the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI). 


Saudi Arabia is undergoing sweeping economic transformation with a strong focus on ramping up its climate ambitions. With climate change a defining issue of our time, nations are heavily scrutinized for their commitments and plans.


The challenge from a brand ID and visual communications standpoint was to position the brand and by extension Saudi Arabia as a strong and honest participant at the table amid a crowded international climate action landscape. The brand needed to be compelling in showcasing not only KSA's efforts and technology contributions to meet the climate challenge, but also to educate the local, regional and international community of the rich biodiversity of The Kingdom and the initiatives as well as steps already taken to preserve them for future generations.

The project mandate included the brand and communications strategy, brand ID development, a multi-channel launch and 360 communication campaign.

Project was undertaken whilst employed as the Head of Design MENA at Finsbury Glover Hering.

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