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National Commercial Bank (NCB) & Samba Bank Merger

User Interface Design. Visual Communications Design.

A successful merger vote for the formation of a new Saudi Arabian banking and financial services champion

Support Credits

Art Director. Angie Mohammed

Multimedia Designer. Fatima Rahman

A visual communications showcase that was part of a larger mandate as the merger communications advisors to both parties – a merger between National Commercial Bank  (NCB) and Samba Financial Group (Samba).  The mandate was to visually communicate a compelling merger story to the media, shareholders, customers and employees of both banks. As well as to position the transaction as part of a wider strategic move in Saudi Arabia that will strengthen the financial sector in line with Vision 2030.

A strategy-led 360-degree communications effort was undertaken for both banks. This saw the creation of a suite of joint visual communications assets deployed across a host of paid and owned digital and traditional channels. The focal point of which was a shared ‘merger microsite’, designed to clarify and optimize the reach of the merger story for external and internal stakeholders. Acting as the central digital hub and core information source, the microsite hosted all key merger milestones and multimedia communications content.


The microsite funnelled leads and traffic from both banks websites, press releases, targeted WhatsApp and SMS communications, social media and email campaigns. The transaction was a success, with the merger proceeding to completion after shareholders on both sides voted overwhelmingly in its favour in March of 2021. Media coverage and social media sentiment remained positive throughout the merger process, with unwavering positive employee sentiment.

Project was undertaken whilst hired as the Head of Design - Middle East and Africa at Finsbury Glover Hering.

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