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Ittihad FC.

Mascot Design.

Saudi Arabia's leading football club gets a new tiger.

Ishara Design was commissioned by Sela Sport to redesign the brand identity for ITTHAD FC, Saudi Arabia's top football club. Ishara Design reached out to me to redesign a new mascot for the brand, as the club's iconic tiger mascot, which appears on their jersey and merchandise had begun to look dated. I was given the challenge of bringing a simple new contemporary look to the iconic tiger to go with the refreshed brand identity of the club.
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Refreshing the tiger design with a focus on simple contemporary clarity 
The old Tiger Mascot
The new Tiger Mascot

A new Ittihad FC Tiger is introduced to football fans in the Middle-East.

With the new Ittihad FC Tiger created, the Ittihad FC Marketing team rolled out the Tiger Mascot and their new identity across a wide range of customer and communication touch-points. From the club's home kit to merchandise, the Ittihad FC Tiger is used to enhance the brand identity to the delight of Ittihad FC football fans all over the world.
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