A multi-disciplinary creator & creative director.

Consistently and successfully helping launch and develop brands of all sizes, across a wide spectrum of industries.
With almost 10 years of cross-cultural strategic brand development, communication design, user interface design and user experience design for clients in the United Kingdom, The Middle East and West Africa.

Design is the scientific manifestation of the richness of creative simplicity 

I am not concerned with the number of ingredients, I focus on the quality, value, and the impact felt when they are brought together. If it isn’t useful, it is often clutter. 
Deep dive to identify core value
How to tell & amplify the brand story
Form follows function
Stop to evaluate
Test and refine
Execute the best version of the original vision 
Measure & Learn / Next Iteration
Weigh creative solutions against their ability to deliver goals

Notable Key


Every day, I strive to refine and improve my workflow whilst broadening my skill set. I’m constantly mixing different methodologies and ideas, in order to get the most out of each one.
Creative, Design & Digital Direction
2D & traditional media Illustrations
Strategic Brand Development
Digital Product & Service Devs
Spatial & way-finding visual communications

Past works






Branding / User Interface Design

A modern exercise of innovation by tobacco experts in a world class facility.

Tabaterra is a tobacco aggregation and packing facility based in Sumqayit, Azerbaijan. They offer customers a range of the finest tobacco products and services with a blend of quality and innovation at their core.


This is realized through a modern state-of-the-art facility, with soaring standards, processes and quality control systems which blend character-rich tobacco from across the globe.


The project involved partnering with DDB Azerbaijan who named the brand, to develop Tabaterra's brand positioning, brandmark and visual identity system.

Ethan & Co Dooodle It.com

Branding / User Interface Design

An online collaborative kids creativity platform. Turn doodles to real things. 

We were approached by a couple of entrepreneurs to develop a brand and subsequent product that was inspired by a simple drawing of a robot by a child.


This expression of simple and pure creativity inspired a creativity exchange between a child (Ethan), his mum and a number of creative professionals that eventually turned Ethan's simple doodle, in to a very cool 3D printed toy.

This opened a window of opportunity to create a startup that offers a variety of product and services for children to freely express their creativity. I headed the team that was responsible for naming, creating this new brand identity, the brands strategic positioning and the first of its products.

The dooodle It Platform

We then developed 'dooodle it', Ethan & Co.'s first digital service. The service was intended to take doodling and childhood creativity to the next level. It is an online platform and community for child creators that leverages technology to allow kids to create and meaningfully collaborate between themselves and with professionals. These professional partnerships allows for a crucial leap from a child’s natural boundless imaginative creative expression to simple and attainable real-world outputs. Simple put, 'dooodle it' turns kids doodles in to real things.

During the process of turning these doodles into objects, the children are given the opportunity to expand their minds by adding layers of  meaningful value to their doodles and illustrations and have the tools to discuss and think about simple purpose and greater benefits.This multi-faceted platform itself is beneficial to parents alike who get to use the platform as a doodle bank, getting to be a part of a community of safe information sharing, getting guided insight into their child's minds through further understanding the thoughts behind the creativity.

We developed the brand name, service offer, launch MVP, brand identity, user interface design and user experience. The outcome is a follow realized brand and service, a digital platform for kids to give meaningful life to their imagination by connecting with other kids and professionals in a safe digital space.

Premidnight.net | pm |

Branding / User Interface & User Experiment Design / Digital Development

Discover and share a night-life experience that is perfectly suited to your individual preferences.

Approached by a passionate entrepreneur with a simple idea - change how night-life experiences in the UAE is discovered a shared.
This simple idea grew in to a brand and digital development project that led to the creation of premidnight.net. From the seed planted, we helped create the brand name 'pm', development the visual identity system, visual language, craft the products MVP and USP for launch, develop the digital experience, design the user interface and project management the digital development of the pm platform.
Still a work in progress, pm is developing in to a distinct brand that has story telling at its core and aims to humanize the illusions of grandeur that embody the night-life scene in the UAE and world at large.  
Client's site

The Renaissance Dubai Downtown Hotels

Interactive Book Design

An interactive brand book that embodies the phrase 'business unusual'.

Approached by The Renaissance Dubai Downtown Hotel to create their hotel brand book, which would be a gift given to select guests during the 2017 opening of the new hotel in Dubai.
The initial idea was to design an adult coloring book, an idea which eventually become an engaging interactive book which featured a variety of stock and finishing a utilized a sophisticated approach to simple fun like 'connect the dots', 'mazes' and more. The final output was a book that embodied the brand's character of 'business unusual'.

The Espresso Lab

Visual Communications Development

Branding that lets the region's finest coffee speak for itself.

Approached by The Espresso Lab to collaborate with Darna, a UAE based marketing communications consultancy, to develop The Espresso Lab brand communications and customer touch points as they were set to move into the Dubai Design District d3 flagship store. The approach involved creating a developed brand visual language that allowed The brand communicate better with a broader client base whilst keeping with a minimalist aesthetic.

A brand style guide for their visual comms, package design, labels and more where created, we even designed some awesome coffee science information wall art which were inspired by modern art, reflecting the sophistication of the brand and their product. Unfortunately the art pieces did not end up being implemented in the interior.

Client's site

Blacksmith Coffee Company

Branding / User Interface Design

Exceptionally crafted coffee. Invigorating ideas. Sophisticated grit.

We were approached by Blacksmith Coffee Company to collaborate with Darna, a UAE based marketing communications consultancy, to develop the Blacksmith Coffee Brand.


Blacksmith offers premium expertly produced coffee at accessible prices, supplemented by an intellectually invigorating and community-building experience. The Lettuce Lab was contracted to develop the brand mark and visual identity for Blacksmith.

Youthful ambition and a passion for coffee cultivated and crafted in Abu Dhabi.

From the brand mark to the visual identity, a minimal modern approach that was inspired by historic and scientific patent drawings. Although the brand mark has its roots in coffee and craftsmanship, all elements combine to create the most recognizable symbol; a human face. The visual identity is equal parts quirky and refined, resulting in a charming humanistic balance that embodies the 'sophisticated grit' inherent in the brand.

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A melting pot of versatile culinary brilliance in the heart of Sharjah.

Crisol is a fusion restaurant located in Sharjah in the UAE. The restaurant assimilates a wide range of flavors from the cultural melting pot that defines new American cuisine.
Lettuce was brought in to help develop the brand name, brand mark and visual identity for the restaurant. The restaurant's visual language features connected forms that reflect the combining of culinary influences and the controlled melting of material within a crucible, which are synonymous with Crisol’s cuisine and its brand name respectively.
This project was developed in collaboration with Darna, a UAE based marketing communications consultancy.
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Ittihad FC

Mascot Design

Saudi Arabia's leading football club gets a new tiger.

Hani Alireza Design was commissioned by Sela Sport to redesign the brand identity for ITTHAD FC, Saudi Arabia's top football club. Hani Alireza Design reached out to me to redesign a new mascot for the brand, as the club's iconic tiger mascot, which appears on their jersey and merchandise had begun to look dated. I was given the challenge of bringing a simple new contemporary look to the iconic tiger to go with the refreshed brand identity of the club.
With the new Ittihad FC Tiger created, the Ittihad FC Marketing team rolled out the Tiger Mascot and their new identity across a wide range of customer and communication touch-points. From the club's home kit to merchandise, the Ittihad FC Tiger is used to enhance the brand identity to the delight of Ittihad FC football fans all over the world.

Hamad International Airport

Brand Development Consultancy

From a 5 star airline to a world class airport.

Member of the StartJG creative team responsible for winning and executing the Hamad International Airport Qatar (HIA) re-brand.
Key team member and played a vital role in helping HIA undertake a major rebrand involving brand strategy, brand positioning and hierarchy, indentity creation, brand visual communications, experiential way-finding, user interface design and more.
Client's Site

Bitco Services Ltd

Branding / Catalog Design / User Interface Design

Fine-tuning an established drill-bit manufacturing business identity.

I was approached by Bitco Services Ltd. to create their 2016 product and services catalog, give much needed art direction for the user interface design of their new website and lastly, to fine-tune the brand mark and visual identity of the company.
The original dated brand mark needed to be refreshed significantly while retaining the visual brand equity the company have grown over the years.
The new brand mark and identity has been refined with uniformity, balance and professional appeal in mind. The ‘B’ of the symbol was creatively tweaked to conceptually incorporate Bitco’s core brand offer of industrial scale drill bits, positioning Bitco bits as enabling their customers to reach new depths.