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World Defense Show



Multi-media Designer / Fatima Rahman
Art Director / Angie Mohammed
Contracted Agency / FGS Global
Visual Effects and 3D Design / Ouno Creative UK
Client /

Introducing a world-class defense exhibition that redefines the future of the defense show industry.

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI) was mandated by Royal Decree to bring to life a world-class defense exhibition as part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. Our role was to build the brand identity from the foundation up; name the event, craft the brand and communication strategy, as well as introduce the World Defense Show to the global defense community.

With the challenge of announcing a global brand in the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the negative sentiment surrounding Middle East defense and security, a modern narrative driven brand was developed. Positioning the World Defense Show as unique and impactful in a crowded defense space, appealing to the regional and international industry.

The Identity: A contemporary brandmark with deep industry and contextual roots that represent 5 interoperable defense sectors. As the World Defense Show was 'founded' by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries (GAMI), the brief involved creating a brandmark that was undoubtably unique, but also visually connected in a subtle way to the GAMI brandmark.

The Campaign: The entire project also involved managing an integrated digital presence across World Defense Show's owned channels, 360 organic and paid digital campaigns with targeted advertising, virtual press conferences with live Q&A sessions for media and industry professionals, multimedia content creation to accompany public relations activities through video, news release, broadcast content and visual communications assets. As well as keeping stakeholders up to date with venue features & construction milestones visual content.

Project was undertaken whilst hired as the Head of Design - Middle East and Africa at FGS Global.


Brand Dev, Naming, Event Comms, Campaign

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