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Torque by FGS Global



Strategic Oversight / FGS Global
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Development / FGS Global
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Drawing parallels between a suite of strategic marketing efforts deployed to cause growth and value creation, and a measure or moment of force that causes dynamic & measurable change.

Contracted to support with the service development, branding, and launch of FGS Global’s Middle East’s impact and growth practice. A robust and integrated digital marketing service focused of sustained value creation for businesses and brands. Penetrating a competitive market space required an unconventional approach, a ‘torque’ wheel served as a visual metaphor for a moment of turning force that brings about lasting change. Another visual metaphor that was utilised was ‘parkour’, relating the acrobatics of navigating complex urban environment to the brand.

The brand and experience is confident, simple, direct with no tricks, letting the company’s work, impact and expertise do the talking. A visual and experiential positioning dubbed as ‘subtle energy’ led to a brand that is bold yet muted & sophisticated with an ever present subtle splash of colour and energy.


Brand Dev, Naming, Strategy, UI, UX, Content

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