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Contracted Agency / Brand Playdium
Strategic Oversight / Brand Playdium
Video Production / Brand Playdium

A brand dedicated to transforming lives, planting trees and making Oman a happier, greener place for everyone.

Commissioned to brand the first nation-wide draw in Oman, the brand was launching in to unchartered waters. Cultural dilemmas, political question marks, socio-economic unrest. It was imperative to be sensitive to the climate at the time. To meet this goal, a brand identity and narrative that champions credibility, equality, simplicity as well as human-centricity was created. Identifying and building on the brand’s core value ie Putting people first - making dreams come true, striving to give back to society and impacting the world with their tree-planting programmme was key.

Positioning the brand as a ‘catalyst for growth’ in people’s lives’ is evident in the brand identity and visual communication language. The brand was visually positioned as one that holds growth at its heart. A minimal & contemporary brand with a singular focus – to grow and enrich lives. Down-to-earth and inclusive, it balances heritage, a strong connection to nature and a strong sense of Omani national pride.


Brand Dev, Strategy, UI, Content

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