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FIA Formula 4 UAE



Contracted Agency / The Lettuce Lab
Photography / Fillipa Guarna
Strategic Oversight / FIA

Introducing a new racing formula to the United Arab Emirates.

Working with The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile ( FIA ), AUH Motorsports and The Automobile Touring Club UAE to launch a new racing formula, Formula 4 to the UAE.

The event, the F4 car unveiling and the brochure, were created to introduce the new racing formula to the region and its potential teams, drivers and members of the press and public.

Communicating contemporary UAE motor racing to a new region and its public.
The project involved the creation of a 'Launch Brochure' and the design of the 'Official UAE F4 Launch Car Livery' for the Formula 4 UAE Launch Event held in Downtown Dubai. The car photography was supplied by Fillipa Guarna of Driven Productions and the brand guidelines were supplied by Formula 4 and The FIA.


Content, Car Livery

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