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Dooodle It by Ethan & Co.



Contracted Agency / The Lettuce Lab

Branding a collaborating company inspired by a simple drawing of a robot by a child

We were approached by a couple of entrepreneurs to develop a brand and subsequent product that was inspired by a simple drawing of a robot by a child. This expression of simple and pure creativity inspired a creativity exchange between a child (Ethan), his mum and a number of creative professionals that eventually turned Ethan's simple doodle, in to a very cool 3D printed toy.

This opened a window of opportunity to create a startup that offers a variety of product and services for children to freely express their creativity. I headed the team that was responsible for naming, creating this new brand identity, the brands strategic positioning and the first of its products.

An online collaborative kids creativity platform. Turn doodles to real things.
We then developed 'dooodle it', Ethan & Co.'s first digital service. The service was intended to take doodling and childhood creativity to the next level. It is an online platform and community for child creators that leverages technology to allow kids to create and meaningfully collaborate between themselves and with professionals. These professional partnerships allows for a crucial leap from a child’s natural boundless imaginative creative expression to simple and attainable real-world outputs. Simple put, 'dooodle it' turns kids doodles in to real things.

During the process of turning these doodles into objects, the children are given the opportunity to expand their minds by adding layers of meaningful value to their doodles and illustrations and have the tools to discuss and think about simple purpose and greater benefits.This multi-faceted platform itself is beneficial to parents alike who get to use the platform as a doodle bank, getting to be a part of a community of safe information sharing, getting guided insight into their child's minds through further understanding the thoughts behind the creativity.

We developed the brand name, service offer, launch MVP, brand identity, user interface design and user experience. The outcome is a follow realized brand and service, a digital platform for kids to give meaningful life to their imagination by connecting with other kids and professionals in a safe digital space.


Strategy, Brand Dev, UX, UI

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