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Olu Emmanuel Dada

Blacksmith Coffee Company



Contracted Agency / Darna
Strategic Lead / Darna

Youthful ambition and a passion for coffee cultivated and crafted in Abu Dhabi

We were approached by Blacksmith Coffee Company to collaborate with Darna, a UAE based marketing communications consultancy, to develop the Blacksmith Coffee Brand. Blacksmith offers premium expertly produced coffee at accessible prices, supplemented by an intellectually invigorating and community-building experience. The Lettuce Lab was contracted to develop the brand mark and visual identity for Blacksmith.

Exceptionally crafted coffee. Invigorating ideas. Sophisticated grit.
From the brand mark to the visual identity, a minimal modern approach that was inspired by historic and scientific patent drawings. Although the brand mark has its roots in coffee and craftsmanship, all elements combine to create the most recognisable symbol; a human face. The visual identity is equal parts quirky and refined, resulting in a charming humanistic balance that embodies the 'sophisticated grit' inherent in the brand.


Brand Dev, Packaging, UI

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