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DRVN Coffee

Brand Development / Naming / Package Design.

Fuelled by exceptional coffee, driven by extra-ordinary automobiles. Branding the creation of the finest blend of automotive history and specialty coffee culture. Uniting a binary passion that simply lets you casually experience the extra-ordinary.

This story is over 50 years in the making. It began with the purchase of a car that was to become the first of a sentimental private car collection housed in an inconspicuous warehouse in Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates. As with all things of value, this treasured collection was passed from father to son, with the acquired mantle being moved to a purpose built shed on a picturesque farm just outside of Abu Dhabi for preservation and to better care of the treasured car collection. A son's passion for coffee led to a chance meeting, which paired his genuine specialty coffee enthusiasm with the master techniques and experience of a seasoned coffee roaster and connoisseur.
I was contracted by the pair to re-imagine and create a unique brand that humbly presents and serves the exceptional. A one of a kind automobile café concept in the region that serves finely crafted coffee enjoyed in the presence of beautifully designed classic cars, in a casual, relaxed and intriguing setting. The specialty coffee brand 'DRVN' mirrors the traditionally exquisite craftsmanship of the cars in the collection. Great things happen between those who share a vision, and this vision is fuelled by exceptional coffee - blended with unwavering passion and driven by extraordinary automotive classics.
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Drvn Brand 3 2020-DRVN-Speedhunters-by-P
DRVN brand 4 2020-DRVN-Speedhunters-by-P
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Photography by Paddy McGrath, 
Twitter / Instagram: @pmcgphotos

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