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Creative Reason Exhibition.


A series that creatively stands on the shoulders of giants with good reason.

From the earliest moments of our lives we ore like sponges poised to soak in information, spending the first few years of our existence simply learning and implementing the lessons learnt consciously and subconsciously.
It con be said that this simple impulse to truly understand is the one universal instinct common to all humans and possibly all intelligent life. Our Survival depends on it. Moments of truly profound human discovery and insight hove been the limited yet brilliant spots of colour in our seemingly block and white history. The passing on of this knowledge hos moved mankind quite literally from coves to the technological world around us today. From this unique perspective it is clear, we ore here to learn, not only of ourselves but of our environment.
In that knowledge we then take on the responsibility to act accordingly for a greater good. Nine of these world-changing discoveries hove been explored through the eyes of the female creative spirit, with the hope that through reflection on these truly profound moments of human insight, their lasting impacts and implications will serve to inspire.
It is the enlightening journey of human endeavour we celebrate. 
Thank you for taking the time.
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