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APEC CEO Summit Chile

Brand / UI / Design
Contracted Agency / PublicisLive
Video production / Third Party Agency
The harmony of integration / This brand exists at the intersection where individual goals meet genuine collaboration. APEC is comprised of twenty one robust economic territories, each with individual and often differing priorities. In keeping with the founding objectives of APEC and the CEO summit, in 2019, leaders of industry converged in Chile.

​This narrative has been conceptualised with twenty elements - lines in different directions, symbolising twenty territories, acting in perfect harmony unite, coalescing at the center, the twenty first element - the 'chilean star'. This brand identity strongly echos the essence of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. It places Chile and by extension its people, CEOs, businesses, government, culture and accomplishments at the center of this priced economic integration.

A modern growth & result oriented Chilean brand experience, that brings together leaders of industry & the diverse Asia-Pacific Economies they represent to co-create the future and improve lives together

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