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Brand Development / Package Design.

A minimal geometric celebration of the joy of whipped shea butter.

Bixiepots is a boutique Shea Butter Cream online store based in the UK. A family and care oriented brand that prides itself of quality, using only the finest ingredients and processes, they are true masters of their product.
Their brand philosophy sees them invest the utmost care in their products, from how the Shea Butter nut is grown and harvested in west African, through to the preparation and whipping of all ingredients in every jar.
Contracted to brand the humble start-up for expansion, we re-designed the brand identity and visual language, as well as revamped the package design and online store user journey.
The minimal geometry brand language is an abstracted story of the care that goes into each Bixiepot Shea Butter cream jar.
Thank you for taking the time.
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